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14 April 2023 -

The VIX vs S&P500

31 March 2023 -

NASDAQ Gone too Far?

27 March 2023 -

Macquarie: Seeing Value Again

Technical Analysis: We upgrade Macquarie back to a BUY as a quality diversified banking stock, we see value for medium-term investors, while on a technical chart it appears over sold below$170, where it tends to rebound like it has done so in June 2022, and September 2022 and with key support at $165.

13 December 2022 -

Rio Tinto: Profit Taking Zone

Technical Analysis: Rio Tinto benefitted from strong iron ore boom, and trades in fairly volatile manner. Since the covid sell off its rallied to fresh highs and have been rangebound, being overbought and oversold multiple times, and see current levels (above $155) as an opportune profit taking opportunity and see downside risk from upcoming recession outweigh positivity setting from China reopen currently.

30 November 2022 -


Technical Analysis: We see BHP shares rise strongly benefiting from multi-year rise in commodity prices, while volatility kicked in post covid as iron ore price surged to above $200/tonne mid last year, to more than halve in a span of 4-months.

23 November 2022 -

Auckland International Airport (AIA.NZX)

Technical Analysis: Auckland International Airport Shares have rebounded strongly on the back of a recovery in international travel. While not quite at pre-covid highs of $9.85, at levels of above $7.80 is still elevated and does not consider the higher interest rate environment meaning it will be harder to justify pre-covid valuations even if Interntional travel had recovered fully (which is still some time away)

22 November 2022 -


Technical Analysis: EBOS shares have been range bound the last year, following a strong multiyear run. We see the stock peak at $44.30, and break past $40.00 a share and can be viewed as an opportune time to take some profit. Given the fundamentals of the business remain strong, we feel comfortable Buying at or below $38.20, as it is viewed as a table support level.

18 November 2022 -

Elders (ELD.ASX)

Technical Analysis: We can see Elders had a strong run post covid. Elders managed to buck market trends earlier this year jumping on strong earnings upgrade in March and May 2022 while the rest of the market was sold off, it shows the stock is overbought above $13.00 level, with support at the $11.50 tested a rebounded numerus times.

22 August 2022 -

Contact Energy (CEN.NZX)

Technical Analysis: CEN shares have trended lower over the last year or so, its valuation being sensitive to a higher interest rate environment.