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19 July 2018

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A2 MILK (:NZ / A2M:AX) HOLD: Sensible Investment Hits Margins
Shares A2 Milk have dipped after releasing what we saw as a reasonably solid update for
the 2018 financial year. A2 announced unaudited revenue of $922m, which is up +68% from
last year and ahead of guidance announced in May with operating earnings of $277m.
However, this had failed to meet the markets high expectations due to increases in
expenditure to support future growth. A2 shares have now been experiencing what we see
as healthy consolidation over most of this year, after what was an incredible run. Market
expectations appear to be resetting themselves and we remain believers in the medium term
A2 story. We are positive on the A2 story given how it fits with our “dining boom” investment
theme, and A2 management are executing well (particularly relative to peers such as
Bellamy’s). We remain HOLD rated on valuation grounds.

Netflix disappointed investors with its update, although recovered from an initial -15% sell off
to end the day down -5%. While Netflix managed to add 5.2 million subscribers to its service
this missed guidance for 6.2 million. The market is divided as to whether the dip will prove
to be nothing more than a buying opportunity, or whether this is a signal the that the dream
run may be coming to an end. The question is whether Netflix can continue to deliver further
value to investors. We remain positive on Netflix’s ability to grow earnings and deliver on their
guidance, although shareholders may wish to take some profit at this point and we downgrade
our rating to a HOLD. In the context of 130 million subscribers, a 1 million subscriber miss
does not concern us, yet. We are more cautious around signs of increased competition, with
a number of big players such as Disney entering the market.

Macquarie continues to defy the negative sentiment facing the broader Australian financial
sector, with its shares trading close to all-time highs. Macquarie released another record full
year result delivering net profit after tax of A$2,557m for the 2018 financial year, which was

up +15% from last year. In other news, Macquarie are set to offer US$800m (A$1 billion) to
buy a majority stake in US group T5 Data Centres. We are positive on the data sector given
we believe the explosion of data will be a powerful multi-year investment theme, and it is
encouraging to see Macquarie is looking to enter into the space.

Shares in NZ’s largest listed winemaker DGL were up after announcing their 2018 operating
net profit after tax (NPAT) would be $44.9m, a +17% jump from their previous year and well
above their guidance of $40.7m. The result was underpinned by record global case sales for
the year, lower cost of sales per case, higher yielding 2016 and 2017 vintages, and lower
financing costs. DGL expects global case sales to grow 7% compounded over the next three
years, justifying their 18.3x price to earnings multiple, in our view. We remain BUY rated for
DGL given its solid operations and growth guidance, along with being a benefactor of a
weakening NZD.

JPM delivered a solid 2018 second quarter result which beat market expectations and saw
its share price perform better than peers such as Citi group who also released results on the
same day. Looking at some of the detail, second-quarter profit hit a record level of $8.32
billion, exceeding estimates as JP Morgan posted stronger-than-expected trading results. We
maintain our BUY rating on JPM due to their strong track record as a top performer in the US
banking sector. We see medium term tailwinds from rising interest rates and a stronger US

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weekly 19 July

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